Reputation is an exciting public space practice that will become increasingly difficult. Why ? Because those who don’t like norms, injunctions, mimetic practices, have injunctions imposed to them, conformity to norms, and an appeal to mimetic practices.
Keeping control of your speech, being singular and free becomes our challenge.
Here an agency can do something. Sovereincy©

The public space was an unthought part of marketing ; a space where all dimensions can be called upon: company-employee-customer-user-product-service, with the same terms involving, incriminating or congratulating each one.
Existing tools not having been thought out for this new complex space, you have to be able to manage this disorder with method and no answer goes by itself any more.
Lately a new dimension has invited itself, the political injuction to be self compliant regarding what the respect of the environment requires, and regarding the new clothes of social relationships.

This has led to similar practices, to brands and companies no different one from another, convocating the same words, images, codes, etc.
We call it a stategic panic.
No magical practices do exist to sort this, except the consciousness of what is happening.

Interveners have forgetten themselves, forgotten what made them one of a kind ; forgotten their culture, their Purpose. They have to go back to what they stand for, what drives them, their beliefs, their dreams, their social impact, in order to not put their foot in others traces, and be copy of no-one.
They will build souvereign strategies, and forster a strong footprint.
When the practices born of conventions are decoded and considered manipulative, it is necessary to go back to where you should never have derived from, with renewed thinking and methodologies to nourish and give rhythm to a singular narrative.

Building and managing your reputation in this public space is Reputation Age’s profession.

We manage our clients reputation through the mastery of strategies, our own brand approach and digital creativity in all areas of expression.

We create targeted communication programmes through data analysis in order to be as close as possible to the understanding of our targets – including the influencers and ambassadors that we bring together with you.

We are one of the rare specialists in Nation Branding and territorial marketing.

  • Branding
  • Social media
  • Influence
  • Nation branding
  • Crisis communication
BRANDING : Benchmark, Social Media Strategy, Digital Factory (website / graphic studio / video / dataviz),Community management & Live
SOCIAL MEDIA : Identification, stakeholder schemes and mapping, Influencer & Ambassador Programme, PR & e-PR, Events
INFLUENCE : Identification and selection of relays, KOL relations (Key Opinion Leaders) and Partnerships (ambassadors, media, events), Public Affairs & Relations with decision makers, Media-Training, Publications.
NATION BRANDING : Country Brand, Identity, Digital diplomacy, Political communication
CRISIS COMMUNICATION : Media training, Crisis management, Social media management, Monitoring and alerts


Chairman & President

Philippe is a strategies and brands lover. Convinced that all brands have a destiny to accomplish, whether modest or majestic, he searches relentlessly for the goodwill they bring. The banality of speeches undermines him, and what provides singularity delights him. As a promoter of the Lovemark, he knows better than anyone that if brands were seen and loved, they are now sought after, commented on and recommended. And at a time when all truths are equal, when mistrust reigns, brands must seek Strategic Sovereignty, redouble their efforts, and impose what looks like a cultural system. This requires imagination. It’s difficult, but the times are what they like, so it’s really a good timing.


Managing Partner

Interested in public affairs, Charles-Henri worked at the National Assembly. The law is a noble and important subject for living in society. Hence the creation of two Public Affairs firms, including APCO France. He learned that politics and economics should not be dissociated. Thus, he participated in the success of TLB and OpinionWay. Reputation Age is a synthesis of these issues. The financing of companies by equity is a subject that interests him. Thus, from 2014 to 2023, he became President of the Fédération des Investisseurs Individuels (F2iC) to convince the French to invest boldly. In 2023, he was appointed member of the Collège de l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers.



To be born digital is to become part of a culture – with the literature of Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick or George Orwell ; with the cinema of Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas or Ridley Scott…; with the invincible Californian summers of the student years… Strategic consultancy means one idea a day for its clients – with digital in it. A discipline and daily reading, a panoramic vision nourished by foresight, openings and a musical setting through the pen. Pierre believes in the written word. Code, artificial intelligence… We have never written as much as in the digital age and Pierre likes to lend his pen to his clients. He chooses them, the words as well as the clients. Reputation Age is the agency for intelligent clients. He claims it.


Client Director

Mediterranean from Nîmes ! Fanny laughs and speaks a little louder than the average, no doubt she comes from the South. Always on the move, she is a real Swiss Army knife. After starting her career as a journalist, she spent 15 years of her professional life between the National Assembly, think tanks and political cabinets. Constituencies – Agglomerations – Regions no longer hold any secrets for her. She is our expert in territorial marketing. With a quasi-maieutic approach, her quest is simple : to reveal the beauty that is in everyone and to enhance the singularities of all. Her method: listen (a lot), guide (a little), advise (passionately), support (always) to find THE right idea for our clients.


Senior Consultant

Holder of a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from SciencesPo, Quentin chose to develop his skills in the cultural and digital sectors, which are particularly crucial for companies today. Whether it was through the organisation of major events bringing together the main players in European tech as Event Director for France Digitale or then through a more encompassing strategic communication axis with Havas Paris, Quentin has developed his expertise in the multi-support approach to communication.


Artistic Director

Clément is the Artistic Director of the agency, he gives shape to ideas. Originally from the center of the world, according to Dali, he was immersed in the culture of Gaudi, Picasso, Matisse, Derain and many others from an early age. He learned various artistic trends, graphic techniques and developed his artistic eye which led him to the doors of our agency. Moving between various creative projects, he brings his experience and expertise to the various web, print and video needs of our clients. His second passion ? Food. He’s the kind of person who can ask you what we’re having for lunch at 10am.


Data Analyst

Hamza is a lover of numbers and letters. His mission is to monitor and analyse political and economic movements on the media and social networks. Here is his Chinese self-portrait : “If I were a tree, I would be an apple tree: everything started under an apple tree, it is the origin of humanity. If I were a word, I would be « dialogue’ », because it is the essence of human relations. It is also one of the aspects of our profession : communication. If I were an animal, I would be a cat because a cat is an infinitely free, with a sharp intelligence and unparalleled elegance. If I were a number, I would be π (pi) because despite all the advances in science, π still hides many mysteries.”


Junior Consultant

Karl is an off-road. At Reputation Age, he brings together ideas and actions in fields such as finance, health, data and territorial marketing, alongside the bosses of today and tomorrow. A great reader of Jules Verne, Karl has lived in Sichuan, China. His tribulations led him to the Silk Roads in Gansu. There he perfected his Mandarin. When he gets bored of the physical and virtual flatness, Karl frequently leaves dry land to join the waters : he varies the swims, maintains the efforts and advances in his line following no other current than the one he generates. Because he loves his clients, Karl wants to help them do the same wherever they are.


Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant for many years, she works closely with the board to ensure coordination with the teams and to support them in the administrative management of the company. As a travel enthusiast, she has set up an agency specialized in tailor-made trips and diving, which makes it easy for her to cope with the apnea that this sensitive exercise sometimes requires.


Junior Consultant

Franco-American, cheerful, smiling and helpful, it was inevitable that Laurine would be nicknamed “la pétillante” by those around her. If the first name is a form of branding as well, Laurine’s very name is crowned with the laurel symbol of glory and victory in Greek mythology. Immersed in the world of media from an early age, she loves creation and communication. But her real passion is other people. She does her utmost to motivate and develop the talents of each individual. Having managed teams and created events in London as well as Paris has given her a firm grounding in reality and the confirmation of the very thing she abhors: monotony. She had to have a flaw: she’s a very early riser, so she’s always ready to meet you.


Graphic Designer

When your name is Sarah, it’s hard not to be passionate about everything, everywhere. It’s one of the few names that carries universality within it, as Sarah is pronounced “sara” in Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hungarian, Finnish, Latin, Bosnian, and Indian, among others; and it appears in the Torah, the Quran, and the Bible. So Sarah is passionate about almost everything, everywhere. As curious as she is creative, Sarah nurtures a taste for discovery and what’s new, whether it’s a restaurant, sport, city, or artist. Passionate about architecture, Sarah laid her foundations in Lyon during her studies in artistic direction in multimedia. She is therefore still full of new projects, for herself and for the agency.


Junior Consultant

With her dual Franco-Russian culture, Eileen has a cosmopolitan soul. Always up to date on the latest trends, she’s the one who shares the tiktok of the moment at the agency. She has an insatiable appetite for culture, which means she’s always creative in the ideas she comes up with. She studied in Canada and Sweden before joining us, which gives her a very international way of working. She will always try to help her customers stand out from the crowd, while being appreciated for their originality.
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