The public space was a cultural unthought of Marketing. So far it had only filled dedicated places i.e. employers’ brand in recruitment spaces, advertising in advertising slots, Financial communication in share Holders meeting, events in the events limits, etc.

Then Reputation became a practice of the public space.

A space calling together every dimension; company-employee-client-user-product-service, with the same terms involving, blaming or complimenting each one of them.

Frameworks have burst out, existing tools having not been thought for, are not functioning in this new space; hence managing this disorder isn’t easy and no answer is self-evident.

Therefore, Reputation is no longer a result or an end-state, it has become a prerequisite. Footprints, consumer experiences, real time conversations, fact-checking… before considering you, one will get to know who you are, what you have done, from where do you talk, in the name of who or what.

When former communication and marketing practices are decoded and stand for manipulation, one must revise its strategies and acts with a brand-new thought, and renewed methods. Smartness and consistency, proper lexicology, breakthrough and inspiring moves, must nurture and pace a singular narrative.


We manage our client’s Reputation through singular strategies, a proprietary approach of the brand, and digital creativity across everything we do.

We create focused communication programs through deep data analysis. We gather influencers and ambassadors at your side.

We are among the few Nation Branding and Territorial Marketing specialists.

B randing

Brand identity
Visual Identity
Brand platform
Brand content
Digital watch

I nfluence

Identification, players scheme.
Influencers and Ambassadors Program

S ocial media

Social Media Strategy
Digital Factory (website, graphic studio, Video, Dataviz)
Community management & Live

C risis Communication

Media Training
Crisis management
Social Media management
Watch and Alert

N ation Branding

Country Branding
Digital diplomacy
Political communication


Philippe Lentschener
Chairman & President
Pierre Vallet
Charles-Henri d'Auvigny
Managing Partner
Lucie Savarin
Artistic Director
Marie Calléja


Among our references

Tribunal suprême de Monaco
Flatirons Jouve
Région Normandie
Chambre des notaires de Paris
Financière de la cité
La Garanderie
Institut Emmanuel d’Alzon
La Station
GENEO Capital Entrepreneur
Conseil départemental de l’Orne
Le Cancer du Sein
Trophées de futures licornes


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