Publication of the book “Renaissance”

2 September 2021

The Renaissance Committee, of which Philippe Lentschener, President of Reputation Age, is a member, has published, under the presidency of Enrico Letta, the contributions of the participants: “Renaissance, Regards croisés pour changer l’entreprise, la France et l’Europe”.

At the initiative of the Medef, the Renaissance Committee brings together sociologists, economists, philosophers, historians and politicians such as Cynthia Fleury, Julia de Funes, Nicolas Bouzou, Julien Damon, Hélène Valade, Pierre Ducret and Hakim El Karoui to reflect on the future of the European Union, new forms of capitalism, environmental issues, the reinforcement of social ties and the place and role of the State. Launched during the REF 2021, the book contains the 20 proposals developed by the Committee to transform the company, the State and Europe around three fundamental axes of sustainable, effective and responsible action: Transform, Include, Assert.