The Robot Of The Year x Reputation Age

  • Le 23 November 2018
  • Par shokola

Reputation Age, partner agency of The Robot Of The Year, the first international competition to reward initiatives in artificial intelligence or robotics that benefit humanity – or how to contribute to building a future that benefits humanity.

The future that is being built before our eyes may seem disenchanted. Discriminating algorithms, transhumanism (or even eugenics), a rating society for all, statistical management of living organisms… Ethics is a subject at the heart of the development of artificial intelligence as well as of robotics.

The Robot Of The Year

Artificial intelligence and robots can help us significantly improve our lives and build a better, more sustainable world. Nevertheless, their deployment will have profound social and ethical consequences for what makes “human society” and – security, privacy, transparency, fairness, morality, accountability, employment and work organization… – will be innumerable. To take full advantage of the extraordinary potential of artificial intelligences and robots, we must ensure that they are developed in ways that serve human well-being and social progress.

The Robot Of The Year is an exceptional day dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and robotics, coupled with an international competition to reward the most innovative projects. The aim is not only to promote but also and above all to work concretely towards the creation of a more engaging and promising future. To this end, The Robot Of The Year aims to encourage, select and support the development of the best artificial intelligence and robotics projects, designed for the benefit of human society in 11 industrial sectors and aligned with recognized ethical criteria, such as privacy, integrity or neutrality for example. 12 projects are finalists in this competition and the winning projects will be able to receive up to 2 million euros in funding. But The Robot Of The Year is also conferences and round tables, expert talks, presentation of projects and an experiential journey. How will AI influence the job market of tomorrow? How can it help NGOs? How can it be integrated into the city of the future? How can it be used to improve our health? What is the place of women initiated to AI and robotics? So many questions that you will find the answer on November 26th at Station F…

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